10 07, 2020

New UNC Model Release

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UNC is proud to present the next release of the utility network data model for electric domain and structure network. This version for a balanced 3phased electric network was established in close cooperation with Esri. We are convinced that we are taking a big step towards a robust model that supports good data quality and performance inside the Esri landscape. UNC Model release (version 21) can be downloaded from the data model page and includs documentation and  information.    

12 12, 2018

UNC Interest Group workshop

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The Utility Network Community group invites to ‘UNC Interest Group for Utilities’ workshop. The workshop is hosted by Hafslund Nett in Oslo, Norway, Thursday 17.01.2019. The workshop is for utilities that would like to understand the model for electrical grid and are interested in the development of the model.