We are convinced that we are taking a new big step forward with this data model, towards a robust model that supports good data quality and performance inside the Esri landscape.

The zip-file will contain:

  • an updated electric model with clear definitions and descriptions of the asset types and groups
  • a brand new model for non-spatial objects and their associations to the spatial objects
  • an updated structure model with clear definitions and descriptions of the asset types and groups
  • an expanded set of relationship rules for connectivity, containment and attachment
  • an attribute list used in the UNC package with specific use of each attribute
  • a package with test data which you can deploy
  • updated documentation
  • a description of the Utility Network Community modelling work

Please download this release and start testing. And last but not least, we hope that you provide the community with your remarks, questions and experiences.

At this moment the UNC is working intensely with ESRI towards our next goal, creating support for 3-phased balanced electric networks in the UN foundation template.
This support will be based on the UNC-framework and it is our ambition that the next version of a 3-phased balanced data model comes as part of ESRI’s UN foundation template.

The UNC will continue to cooperate as a group, to support future developments. Our goal is to provide enhancements, improvements, and fixes that can help Esri and partners to further improve their solutions.
Our aim is to support the business needs for electric utilities in Europe and globally. We also want to promote an open marketplace for software and information products in and around the ESRI platform.

Kind regards, Lyse, Elvia and Fluvius